Tamper proof labels & seals

Tamper proof labels & seals - For small amount of money you will get full colour warranty seals of the highest quality. This special self-adhesive foil ORACAL Safety Vinyl 820 manufactured by Orafol Europe GmbH is very sticky and permanently glues to clean surfaces.

Who buys tamper proof labels?
Our customers are mainly mobile phones services, mobile phones and electronic shops, electronics and computer distributors, laptop manufacturers and services, furniture manufacturers etc.

Personalization (NUMBERING)
The seals can be PERSONALIZED (giving each seal a unique number). When purchasing, please specify what numbers or ranges are to be.

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Surfaces and finishing

This special vinyl has very strong glue. PVC layer is very thin and fragile, and in cunjuction with very high stickness of the labels unables the warranty seals to be removed without damaging it. Adhesion is greater than the tear resistance of the film. (watch the movie below).

Adhesive properties

The glue on the seals is very strong, but it obtains its full properties after approx. 72 hours after sticking. Please anticipate this and plan the placement of seals on the goods in advance. The seals should be glued to smooth surfaces (avoid porous surfaces). It is not recommended to tear off the seals from the sheet and stick with your fingernail. Due to the strong adhesive, they can detach with the backing paper. It is best to use a sharp tool such as a wallpaper knife or scalpel for this purpose.

Surface preparation

The surface on which the foil is applied must be free of dust, grease and other contaminants that could adversely affect the adhesion of the product.
NOTE - The applicability of selected varnishes or paints with self-adhesive foil should be checked before the final application of the foil. Before sticking the foil, check whether there are any chemical reactions between the foil and the substrate. In addition, all information on the application of the film, published by Orafol Europe GmbH (https://www.orafol.com), should be taken into account.