Screen printing

Screen printing - header image

Screen printing is a technique of applying paint or varnish through a special screen which acts as a "mask".

The paint is applied only in places where the surface of the screen is porous and transparent. A separate sieve is prepared for each color and is a separate process. The colors can be selected from any of the basic Pantone palettes

Paints can be transparent, but most often they are opaque paints, i.e. those that almost completely cover the color of the substrate or other paint on which they are applied. We just use cover paints. They are not transparent. Screen printing is used for typical vector graphics where there is full coverage with a given color. The screen printing we use is not suitable for raster technology. We can't make tonal transitions, tints or, for example, photos.

Notes on the screen printing technique:

The smell of paint. A noticeable smell of screen printing ink is possible with large coverage areas. After a few days, the smell disappears.