Order an artwork

Order method
We only make and ship designs after a formal order has been placed. The order can be placed by e-mail according to an individual path or when purchasing a product by selecting the "Projects - Order an artwork" option.

How do we work on artwork
We need your guidance and details to complete the artwork. Any suggestions and additional materials such as logos, photos, texts. As soon as the artwork is ready, we will send it by email for approval. If you have any doubts or comments about it, we will adjust them.

Complete satisfaction
Don't worry - we will work on it till your full satisfaction. We will do as many amendments as needed.

Selected common questions:

  • Will I get several offers to choose from?
    No, we send one proposal. If, in your opinion, it is insufficient, then, on the basis of the submitted comments, we prepare another proposal including amendments.
  • What if I don't like the design?
    You have the right to submit comments on it. Then we make corrections and send it again for approval. And so on until the happy ending :)
  • I already have my own project, but I am not sure if it is properly prepared. Do I have to buy a design service?
    Not necessarily. Please send your design for free verification. Please deliver it by e-mail or in any other way. We will check your project for free. We will let you know if it is correct, requires corrections or redoing.
  • I want to order business cards for several people in the company. Is each name a separate artwork ?
    No! The cost is only for the general design. If it is already approved, the preparation of a few additional projects that differ only in the details will be free of charge.
  • Can you design a logo for me?
    Unfortunately not! The design concerns only the utility model. Logos are priced differently. Contact us and ask for a logotype and a package of basic company projects

More on help page (FAQ)

Artwork completion date
up to 3 business days since we receive tips and materials.

The first day is counted from the day following the agreement of the guides and materials. If you are buying an item for which you are ordering a design service, please take into account that the deadline for completing the entire order (product + design) may be extended by the time needed to complete the design and approval. We work from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

The copyrights to the designs according to the copyright law remain the property of the Seller until they are bought or transferred with the consent of the Seller.