How to prepare file

It is worth using templates prepared and downloadable on specific product pages.

Always make sure you have the right size for your document.

Some general tips

  • Colors. All colors should be prepared in CMYK colors or specified in Pantone colors when using screen printing.
  • Effects. Change any graphic effects (shadows, transparency etc.) into a bitmap.
  • Bleeds. The document should have dimensions increased by the so-called bleeds. Bleeds are additional areas, usually 2mm wide, added on each side. If you prepare, for example, a business card with a size of 90x50 mm, then the design should have dimensions of 94x54 mm (2 additional millimeters from the top, bottom, left and right).
  • Fonts. Change fonts to curves before saving the file.
  • Resolution. Check the resolution of the bitmaps embedded in the document. It is assumed that bitmaps should be not less than 200 dpi (optimally about 350 dpi)