Free samples

Order free samples via the contact form.

Paper samples
The papers are very diverse. We will be happy to send you samples of papers that interest you. Prepare a list of papers that you would like to see. We will prepare selected samples for you free of charge if you are determined to buy a product but it is difficult for you to decide which paper to choose.

We prepare full versions of samplers without our markings for printing houses and advertising agencies.

Product samples
We will send you a sample pack by mail. These will be samples from previously performed works for our other clients. Think about what kind of products you are interested in to get the most useful samples. To make these samples valuable, try to identify the colors, type of paper and techniques you want to see. Thanks to this, you will receive samples that are closest to the products you are going to order.

Do not forget to include the shipping address in the body of the message.