Embossed business cards

Thanks to embossing, a business card acquires a unique character through an embossed element that significantly enlivens the business card. The customer himself indicates the place that should be embossed.

Embossing - highlighting any element with an individually prepared matrix. It can be a logo, ornament, text, graphic sign or any shape. The best bump effects produce shapes that are as simple as possible. The element is felt to the touch and clearly visible. Embossed elements with very small and thin details (e.g. too small texts) should be avoided.

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Templates for designing

How to read templates
Notes to embossing designs

concavity on the back
Embossed element on one side causes concavity on the back (debossing).

small detais
In the case of embossing elements with sharp vertices some slight rounding occurs. Minimum size and width of the embossed detail is 0.9 mm. This is due to technological limitations.

So far, though, we try to stamp cards as accurately as possible, then there is some mismatch with the printout of up to 0.5 mm. Please be careful with design embossing that on the fron side and the back side are simultaneously coincide with the printout (on the back side mirror image of course). Inaccuracy in positioning of front side with reverse on the printout may also increase the mismatch of embossing up to 1 mm on one side.

Surfaces and finishing

Surface lamination is performed only on smooth papers, mainly on coated papers and smooth cardboard. This gives the entire surface uniform properties.

Matt, gloss, soft-touch foiling

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