Shipments are reliably secured. We send large packages in boxes made of thick 5-layer cardboard, and smaller ones in special bubble envelopes or smaller boxes made of 3-layer cardboard.

The way the products are shipped is chosen by the customer during the order finalization process. We currently ship packages using:


Delivery costs
Shipping costs are calculated for the entire order. They depend on the weight and the type of packaging of all products in the basket. Packaging costs are included in the shipping price.

Delivery time
The delivery times are in the vast majority of cases 1 business day in Poland. However, we do not always guarantee such dates. They can take up to 3 business days depending on the selected carrier. The delivery time for foreign parcels is 2 to 5 working days in Europe.

Each parcel that is sent from us has its own number and can be monitored on the websites of shipping companies.