Completion dates

1. All terms are given in working days. By ‘working day’ it means each day of the week apart from Saturday and Sunday and days which are free from work according to the polish law.

2. Implementation term given on the product pages is counted from the confirmation of the properly placed order (see Terms and Conditions §3.6)
Note: The term of implementation does not include delivery time so if the order should be sent by post or courier the client must take the delivery time into account.

3. The maximum order realization term is defined by the order with the longest realization term. If, for example, there are 2 products ordered, one of them has 3 working days realization term and the second of them 5 working days, then the realization term of entire order is 5 working days.

4. A valid implementation term is always an information prepared and relayed by one of our employees in email confirmation or by phone. In case of necessary preparatory or adaptive work to realize the order (for example: working out and project acceptation, files preparing etc.), the term of realization can lengthen. Our client is always informed about this fact.

5. The ‘Printing House’ is not responsible for defects and delays in orders implementation caused by incorrectly prepared artworks.

6. Order realization term or one of its positions might be not kept due to uninfluenced circumstances (for example: failure). In this case, client is informed about this fact.

7. The ‘Printing House’ is not responsible for defects and delays in orders implementation caused by defective drivers and software.

8. Delivery is made by the agency of national post operator or courier shipping. There is also a possibility of personal receipt in company’s office before previous telephone agreement.

9. All delivery costs are covered by the buyer.