PRINTAGRAM service was established for convenience of those who wants to use printing services without the need of expertise or large/expensive equipment which is needed to print in the best quality. The experience we’ve gained during these years has allowed us to establish a professional and friendly service. We supply services to all sizes of business's from small self employed companies to large multi national's all across the world. We have a group of regular customers who value our co-operation for many years.

You can always depend on our experience and help in preparing your works to print. Errors and eventual threats are usually noticed and corrected by us in the project. If we notice any misstatement we always write or call to our clients to explain the problem.

The way of ordering products from our printing house is easy. The only difference from typical internet shop is additional sending data or prepared files to print (files sending procedures are described in File uploading information site). Considering the specific character of printing products (for example: business card with surname printed in contrast to cosmetic can find only one client), shopping in our printing house are subjected to some protections. They are included in Terms and conditions of use, which our customers are obligated to know.