CD DVD Discs & Covers

Are you planning to release a music CD, presentation on CD or DVD or a movie? If so, this offer is for you! Audio Discs, Video CDs, multimedia presentations, Archive Discs - from just a few to thousands of copies. With your own fully professional and unique printout on disc and sleeve. This is a universal and convenient form of storing recordings, films and data.

Our offer is addressed mainly to photographers, companies dealing with videography or creating multimedia presentations. It is also a great solution for music bands to release a demo or their promotional CD. They can also be used by an ordinary user or collector of audio or video.

You can order either printed discs with recorded data or printed empty CD-R or DVD-R which can be burnt any time. If the discs are to be recorded, please provide additional file in ISO format with the contents to be burned.

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Surfaces and finishing

Surface lamination is performed only on smooth papers, mainly on coated papers and smooth cardboard. This gives the entire surface uniform properties.

Matt, gloss, soft-touch foiling

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The papers for exclusive line of products are very diverse. We will be happy to send you samples of papers. See how to order samples using our sample service by clicking the link below.

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