Beauty industry

Raised mettalic foil


Among all things, the quality of the product influences the decision to buy for customers. Due to the fact that the service has no physical dimensions, it is much more difficult to assess the level of its quality. Therefore, an important issue in the marketing strategy for services is to make them tangible as far as possible and to highlight the benefits that the buyer will get from the purchase. A material substitute for a good treatment can be, for example, an elegant business card, a loyalty card or a voucher.

Gilded business cards

Let the customers be in constant contact with you thanks to a unique business card. Various possibilities of finishing. Especially recommended: extra matt and velvety "Soft Touch" foil, selective UV / UV3D varnish, embossing, gilding and much more. It is also possible to make business cards on exclusive decorative papers.

Loyalty cards

They encourage to use the services on a regular basis. Customers love the benefits that such cards offer (e.g. a permanent discount, collecting stickers / stamps that can be exchanged, encourage regular orders / visits).


The perfect gift, many customers want to give their loved ones. Choose this form to ensure a pleasant experience. Nowadays, more and more often, instead of objects, people want to be given practical gifts that provide memories.

Visual identification is an essential part of the marketing of any company. Without creating a correct image, your company will not gain recognition, it will not win the hearts of loyal customers, and thus will not use its potential to the maximum.